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Our mission is to meet the identified needs of each young person in our

accommodation, thereby enabling them to make positive change, divert from

criminogenic behaviours and attitudes in order to fulfil their full potential and

achieve the best possible outcomes. To achieve these objectives we believe that young people require:

A supportive environment that is safe, stable, nurturing and non-


Practitioners who have a good knowledge of trauma and can be empathic

and compassionate.

Practitioners who enjoy supporting young people with complex needs.

Effective assessments and interventions and working in partnership with

other agencies.

Thoughtful, considered and informed approaches to the development and

implementation of therapeutic support programmes to meet individual need


BPL Property Care Homes embed restorative approaches to encourage responsibility, restore relationships, repair harm and to promote healing and acceptance

BPL Property Care Homes value the diversity of young people and help them to achieve all the outcomes from Every Child Matters, and to work with parents and carers in

supporting behaviour change within young people and families.

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